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This is the community portal.

It is a forum for discussions about the group, the wiki, the meetings and everything else.

Feel free to add content.



  • What is Padre?

Padre stand for Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment but in fact it is only a text editor with an oversized ego.

It is planned to be cross platform (Linux/Windows/OSX), open source Perl IDE written in Perl. While it is still in its early development phase it is already usable. I have been using it for nearly all my work almost since I started to write it.

  • Features

Some of the features it already has:

- syntax highlighting for several languages - autocompletions - execute your perl script from within the editor - list of existing subs - brace matching - split view on the same document

  • Installation

It is available as a CPAN package but some of its prereqs are a bit hard to install so installation instructions can be found on

Comments, suggestions and patches are welcome!

regards Gabor Gabor Szabo Perl Training in Israel Test Automation Tips

If something is unclear please feel free to ask either on the padre channels or on or


  • Dec 2, 2008 Padre 0.20 released

Thanks for everyone who contributed! I tried to look over the commit history and added some entries but if your changes are not mentioned or not correctly attributed in the Changes file, please next time try not to forget to update that file as well as you commit your code. pip Otherwise wait for CPAN:

file: $CPAN/authors/id/S/SZ/SZABGAB/Padre-0.20.tar.gz
size: 168031 bytes
md5: cd91f198508d1756c9cf32736a40f58e

and use the CPAN shell to install. Changes highlights

    • Fix the super nasty "cannot save new file" bug
    • French translation
    • All kinds of indentation and tab/space autodetection
    • Restore inner window layout when restarted

Full list: Padre mailing list, irc information, bug and issue tracking at as usual. There is also a new version of Portable Strawberry Perl with Padre. See instructions here:

  • Nov 30 Padre 0.19

Changes: Highlights:

    • Added Korean, Hungarian and Hebrew translations of the GUI
    • Switching between languages no longer needs a restart of Padre
    • Beginning of better encoding support
    • Continuous Perl syntax checking is now considered working
  • Tue, Nov 25, 2008

As of today Padre has German and Korean translations. If anyone wants to give a shot to create the Hebrew translation, it would be great. It isn't a lot of work, the only thing that needs to be done is creating the he.po file based on the messages.pot file just as the other two were created See the files here: These are all plain text files. Gabor

  • Nov 17, 2008

yet another weekly release of Padre, the Perl IDE. As usual, the Changes file is The highlights are, well it is difficult to decide which features are going to be important to you so I list most of them here along with the person who added the feature.

Optional highlighting of current line (via background color) (HJANSEN)
Code folding (#61) (HJANSEN)
Word Wrap and "Default word wrap on for each file" in Preferences (FAYLAND)
Show/Hide Output or Functions (FAYLAND)
Add configuration option to the autoindentation (no, same_level, deep). (SZABGAB)
Allow opening multiple files at once (#43) (JQUELIN)
Add Padre::Plugin::MY and set it to be a prefered plugin. (SZABGAB)
Join lines with Ctrl+J (#128) (JQUELIN)
Full screen view (#131) (JQUELIN)
Hide/show white spaces and tabs (#132) (JQUELIN)
Selection markers to ease selection (#133) (JQUELIN)
Drag-n-drop files from Filer Explorer (CORION)
Add experimental and basic vi mode. (SZABGAB)
Fix Shift-TAB (#141) (SZABGAB)
Limit the plugin names to one deep only. Second level namespaces are saved for the implementation details. (SZABGAB)
Experimental perl -c based syntax checking. (HJANSEN)
Clean recent files list (#126). (FAYLAND)
Open all recent files (#125). (FAYLAND)
Alt-1, Alt-2, etc removed. (#122) (SZABGAB)
Initial Javascript support. (FAYLAND)
Move between the editor, the output window
and the subs window with some hot-key (#14) (SZABGAB)

As you can see most of work is already done by others which is great. For one, I would not be able to do some of these things. And it also means the projects started to generate interest. I'd really like thank all the contributors for their efforts to make Padre better every day. If you look at the project page on Ohloh you'll see that there are still more contributors than users but I hope soon others will also start using Padre *and* mark it on Ohloh. Download: You can wait till your CPAN mirror catches up or you can use pip, if you have installed it: pip You should also check out the many Padre plugins on CPAN. Search for Padre::Plugin. Further help can be found on where you can find links to the development mailing list. You are also welcome to join us on IRC on #padre enjoy and report any issues regards Gabor

  • Nov 3, 2008

New week, new release. I would like to thank everyone who took the time, tried Padre, and wrote comments in response to my requests. While it will give us plenty of work I'd be happy to get more people trying Padre and letting us know what are the things that still hurt. It would be even better if more people started to hack on Padre or start writing Plugins. Hey there are now 5 Padre plugins on CPAN!. We have started to implement some of the requests and worked on some other things as well. As usual the changes are here: The main features are:

    • Cleanups in how the dialogs look like.
    • Close All but Current Document menu option.
    • Add auto indentation.
    • Before saving, check if file has changed on disk.
    • Reload file menu option
    • Ctrl-T is the default new file hot-key just as in Firefox.
    • Allow the execution of PASM files using parrot
    • Allow execution of Perl 6 code using Rakudo
    • Allow Padre to partially run on Parrot
    • Padre::Plugin::Parrot - an example on how to write plug-in for Padre that runs on Parrot.

The last four will only work if you have Parrot compiled on your system and configured the require environment variables. See for details. Padre can be installed using the standard shell but if that does not work there are some instructions on I have not yet packaged a binary version of Padre 0.15 for Linux but for Windows there is a beta version of Portable Strawberry Perl including Padre 0.14. You can download it and then upgrade Padre by typing cpan install Padre. Enjoy and provide feedback! regards Gabor

  • Sept 7, 2008 Padre 0.07 has been released.

Dec 4, 2008 Pinchas Richard Wimberly

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