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Contents Meeting June 2, 2009

as usual we had a nice time at the meeting. Asaf gave a very through talk which put together a lot of knowledge. It seemed as if everyone already knew the stuff but that is because people were realy trying to show off (including myself) I think that everyone learned something, and a few of the participants even learned much. Some people have much knowledge in one area and less in another. In this case, because Guy and Asaf and I all worked on the same programs we were all familiar with the background. This talk was delivered well and it was lively. As for Motke's talk, we all know that he is always interesting knowledgeable and understandable. He made appologies for not being prepared enough, but he was! This was a new topic for many of us. Although we usually really don't have a meeting, this time there was an announcement that for the first time in over 2 years someone else will organize the next meeting. Good luck to Erez! As usual we had plenty of refreshments. I hope to get some more info on the talks to put here and hi to PRW wherever you are.


  • 18:00 - Cookies and Session IDs - Asaf Peter
  • 18:55 – Break and Meeting
  • 19:05- XPath - Motke Keshet
  • 20:00 – The End



Exlibris, Malcha Technological Park (Jerusalem) - Building 8, 4th floor - Large meeting room


כיבוד קל burekas, fruit, soft drinks, nuts


Free of charge


send email to

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