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Contents Meeting November 21, 2007

There are always problems and complications, but the important thing is not to repeat last month's errors. For a change, there was no problem with the projector, but there was with the conference room. Someone asked if they could have the room until 6:30, but probably much earlier. I thought that would be all right because the meetings usually don't start until 6:10 or 6:15 anyway. At the maximum, we could have our meeting in the kitchen/hallway and then start the talks at 6:30. This was a big mistake. Many were ready a little after 6 and someone even went home because he didn't see us in the room. We kept sticking our heads in but they had a confence call. Finally at 6:30 they weren't even ready to leave. They asked if we could use the small conference room, but there was a problem to connect to the internet. These kinds of technical things have to be set up before-hand. Finally they left at about 5 to 7. In the future if anyone wants the room that I reserved, I will tell them to use another room. Also if a meeting that was scheduled for before drags on, we just all walk in and sit down. After all of that it was a nice meeting anyway. Guy began his talk at 19:00. A lot of us learned new things that had connections with previous lectures on the web. Mashing, and pipes and other cool things. The Hash Cookbook only got its chance at 20 to 8. I finished only at 8:10 and with comments, it was 8:15 which is contrary to my policy of everyone going home at 20:00 exactly if not earlier, but since we started so late, I gave myself a few more minutes. I got much needed help in my lecture for the Perl Workshop next month and now I really have to work on it to improve it and trim it down. When I asked who can climb up on the table to turn off the projector which is attached to the ceiling, Guy N. said "who needs to go up on the table" and reached up with a pen and turned it off. It's nice to have some tall people around.


כל ההרצאות בעברית

  • 18:00 - A Hash Cookbook - Rina Ron
  • 18:50 – Break
  • 19:00 - Meeting
  • 19:10 – Breaking down the Web into Smaller Pieces -Guy Barsheshet
  • 20:00 – The End


Breaking down the Web into Smaller Pieces - Online presentation [1].


Exlibris, Malcha Technological Park (Jerusalem) - Building 9, 4th floor - Large meeting room


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