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Contents Meeting June 24, 2007

This time the meeting turned out really nice. Although maybe I am just saying that because i was one of the speakers. First, Shaul talked about communication between Java and Perl. First after a short explanation, he showed us how he succeded in calling Java from a Perl program. After that he showed how to call Perl from a Java program, but it was much harder. The talk was interesting and understandable. It is a pleasure to get a general idea of new things or things that i didnt know before. For more in-depth information, I put his program files on the server in Ex Libris and plan to upload them here, but i am having some techincal dificulties. The contest was a multiple choice with 4 choices. The rules are that i pick someone who raises their hand and if they answer right they get a point but if they answer wrong, they get -1 point. Near the end of the 16 questions no one wanted to answer, because they were afraid of losing points. There is a link to the questions below. Some of them can be found easily on the net or by running a perl program, but that is not the idea. If you were not there, please test yourself. If you get more than half right you are very good! I plan to put the answers and the references on this site in about a week, so better try it out before then. A few pictures from the meeting are on flickr

while on flickr, i happened across this great collection of Perl gurus

Guy provided the refreshments


כל ההרצאות בעברית


Prizes for the contest-

  • first prize: a winner's tee shirt (XXL)
  • second prize: a (used) book - Perl and CGI
  • third prize: a small perl monger camel


Exlibris, Malcha Technological Park (Jerusalem) - Building 9, 4th floor - Large meeting room


כיבוד קל burekas, cake, fruit, soft drinks


Free of charge


send email to

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