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Unfortunately, there wasn't a big crowd this time. I think that was probably because it was the day after Yom Haatsmaut and everyone was tired. I will remember not to plan anything on that day in the future. Amir ( User:Amire80 ) gave an interesting lecture, beginning with an explantion of linguistics with examples in various languages. Then he showed us some of the regular expressions he used. There was more that he could have spoken about and I could see that he had more planned, but he had taken a little too much time. I used a little "chutzpah" when I raised my hand and mentioned that there are other people (me in other words) who want to speak. The material was interesting however, and I hope that he has a chance to finish his lecture in the future. I spoke about sorting, because while programming, I came across different recipies for sorts with names that sound like scientific theorems. I thought it might be interesting or helpful to put them all together and summarize them. I put the slides in wiki format and you can refer to them.Sorting (All Sorts of Sorts)

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