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As usual there was a nice crowd. There are regulars and newcomers and people who come sometimes. This was Haim's last day of work in Jerusalem. He pointed out some of the advantages of using Eclipse when working with Perl. Some people may have been convinced enough to install it. Here are the links:

java -version should be at least 4.2 if not download java 5.0

Eclipse 3.1

Perl plug-in

After that we had a meeting with a display of this wiki. The problem of spam was brought up and Amir volenteered to fix up the wiki so that it could only be edited by someone logged in. He and Issac (whose computer hosts this wiki) began fo figure out how to do this and how files could be uploaded. The break is also a nice part of the meeting. Ori got cake, nuts, bamba and fruit from Mega (no Burekas this time). Anyway, there is no need to wait for the break to eat and drink.

Issac showed us his HTTP Upload Meter in Perl in the old XML version and a demo of the new version. We all loved the moving line. He stepped through the code. When he got to the part about closures, it turned out that some people were very familiar with them and others not, so there was a digression to try to explain this. As usual, Issac was not able to finish explaining the whole program in time.

Open the demo with any modern broswer (JavaScript + popups enabled) and upload a 1 meg file

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