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In this meeting Ori showed what a rising star he is. His lecture was interesting and comprehensible and comprehensive. He started with explaining the CGI and how it started. This begining with basics is just the right thing. Many people know how to connect to the web and use CGI but they don't know what it means or where it came from. Slowly the lecture progressed to explain how AJAX works. This is one of the newest items on the web and everyone was able to understand it from the examples using google. My lecture was a little less clear. I was trying to show how by using HTML::Templates and CGI::Session with CGI and DBI you can write programs quickly easily and correctly. I think though that I bit off a little more than I could chew, and should have concentrated only on one part such as sessions. In any event it looked like the people were interested. Both lectures were connected and even though I had not heard Ori's lecture before the meeting, I was able to refer to it in mine (as if it had been planned that way) We even had 2 guests from Hebrew U.

Everyone who didn't come missed out !

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