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The October 28 Meeting

Although the meeting was planned in advance, on that day at least 6 people told me that they could not come because of dentist appointments, it being a Tuesday,etc. (some probably would not have come anyway). Luckily Vera's husband saved the day by coming and bringing 2 friends from Tel Aviv.

The Tel Avivers told us a little about their work with Perl in real time financial work.

After that Guy spoke about a few strange ways that people have used perl, including modules that do funny things, programs that look like pictures, perl poetry, perl golf. The PPT can be downloaded (right-click->save-as) here.

Continuing on the same theme, I showed some of my copies of the Perl Review including things like a program to make quilt patterns.

The next lecture was by Shaul who brought his experience from working at Compugen to his talk about Bioperl. Comparisons to Java were also included.

As usual there were plenty of refreshments.

Although there were more than 10 people who came, I hope that next time we have an even bigger turnout

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