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The Meeting on June 20, 2006 was a great success !

The meeting room was filled up (not overflowing yet) and the talks were interesting. The discussion was lively.

Ori spoke about Tk and showed us code and live examples of windows that were created by perl code. More about that on Ori.

Eitan Schuler spoke about Tangram, which in Perl is a module that stands between the perl code and the data base, enabling the creation of an object oriented data base [1] There was also a discussion of the drawbacks and the alternatives of using this method.

The stuff was so interesting that there was no time left for the last talk by Rina Ron, but it was concluded that we will have it next time.

There were plenty of refreshments, provided by Rina (cupcakes and fruit) and by Issac Goldstand (burekas and rugellach) and by Ex Libris (soft drinks and water)

Hopes for the future are to keep things going every month.

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